Neuroscience for Coaches - Bundle

Raise your Coaching skills and stand out from the crowd

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Raise your Coaching skills and stand out in the crowd

  • Have you been thinking about what would help you stand out as a Coach?
  • Looking for your next professional development experience?
  • Need something you can fit into your busy life?
  • Then you won't want to miss out on this exclusive distance learning programme - Neuroscience for Coaches!

More and more buyers of Coaching are starting to require awareness of the science…make sure you train with people who are known for quality information rather than oversimplified to the point of being plain WRONG! (We see this a lot and it drives us mad!)

Coaches are always looking for evidence-based tools that will deliver great results. You want to invest your time in learning about research that helps you understand your clients and your skillset better.

Often Coaches are bombarded with a huge volume of information but need to be very selective as to what you learn from as it is not all equal!

The Coaches we work with are keen to stand out as credible, effective and thorough as a Neuroscience for Coaches graduate.

You’ve probably heard about neuroscience and the (as we call them) ‘Game Changing Insights’ the field provides. You might have felt worried that without a hard science background the insights would be too complicated to understand or use. Many people who come to us have unfortunately heard a neuroscientist (with lots of impressive letters after their name) speak, but felt confused and a bit cheated afterwards. Sometimes people who spend their time deep in the labs are not so skilled in explaining things clearly.

Neuroscience for Coacheshas been designed with the way your brain learns in mind

After consultation with expert online & blended learning experts this learning journey information was combined with the neuroscience of how you learn to create this enjoyable, effective learning experience.

Synaptic Potential, the company behind the programme, is very credible in this field. We have partnered with universities, worked with neuroscientists, behaviour change experts, psychologists and other professors. We know the content that we share is of the highest quality – which is important for you to know. You should also know that we have a reputation for being skilled at explaining complex ideas in simple, practical ways.

This programme, unlike some others, puts the information firmly in your hands. Most of our Coaches use their knowledge to enhance their Coaching. We also have Coaches that, with this great foundation, have gone on to deliver neuromarketing trainings to large pharmaceutical companies, neuroscience of customer services trainings to airline companies and even Coaches who have joined our expanding global team to deliver our trainings.

Because the programme layers in the information one stage at a time it means that you have a deep and comprehensive understanding that you can flexibly apply. Rather than just some fancy models that limit what you can do with the information.

Benefits of Neuroscience for Coaches

  • Enjoy learning powerful, deep science in a straightforward, easy to absorb way
  • Feel confident to explain things in your words and with your analogies – so you can be authentic during Coaching
  • Cut through the plethora of information out there and focus only on the most valuable to your Coaching work
  • Handle challenges to Coaching by drawing on what you know about the brain
  • Actually understand the relevant science so you can work flexibly with it whenever you choose (no definitions or scripts to learn parrot fashion)
  • See what science may underpin & help to explain different Coaching methodologies and approaches
  • Work more deeply with your clients as you understand more about how behaviours are influenced
  • Learn from experienced Coaches who understand your challenges
  • Enjoy credibility by achieving your Neuroscience for Coaches Certificate which, is globally recognised.

How the Content is Structured

The Programme runs through 4 Modules, Each Building on the Last

  1. The brain basics module covers the essential neuroanatomy and neurochemicals that you’ll want to know about. It is very important that everything you learn has practical applications. This module explains how some of your most familiar areas of expertise as a Coach actually work from a brain perspective. Imagine understanding the neuroscience of goals and the power that gives both you and your client – that along with habits and beliefs are the core focuses for this module.
  2. The second module looks at some essential brain concepts that will reveal why the people you work with behave in the way they do on many occasions. Also some of the practices (such as mindfulness) and states (such as flow) have a large body of neuroscientific research to back them up. In this module we look at that research and how you can use it to further empower and serve the people you work with.
  3. Module three is crucial for Coaches. The process of changing behaviour is obviously of huge importance to you as a Coach. The great news is that neuroscience has a lot to offer us in how we work with people to optimize the process of making changes. Research in this field will shape how you think about your work going forward.
  4. Our final module looks at productivity and what we know about optimizing our brain’s capacity for results. Looking at things as diverse as motivation to fairness, from decision-making to optimism we will delve deep into what makes people tick and how to Coach them to get the most out of themselves

Who this programme is for

This programme is for professional personal and executive Coaches along with managers who have Coaching roles, who want to equip themselves for the future of Coaching. Perhaps you have heard about the emerging popularity of the application of neuroscience to various fields and want to know more. Maybe you want to ensure your knowledge is cutting edge and that you won’t get left behind.

Our aim is to work with high quality Coaches who are committed to gaining a depth of knowledge and remain leaders in their field.

So, if this sounds like you, and you are curious about how other disciplines enrich your coaching, and specifically what hard science can offer the world of coaching, and are a self motivated learner, who thrives on digesting information, keen to assimilate and put into practice new discoveries, and ultimately want to stand out and rise to the top of your game, then this programme was made for you!

The Brains behind the Programme

Amy Brann. She is the person called on to speak for the leading Coaching organizations around the world including the International Coaching Federation, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, the Association for Coaching, the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches, WEBECS and the Academy of Executive Coaching. The combination of her scientific background (she started off at University College Medical School) and her 12,000 hours of Coaching means she is sought after to explain complex science in a practically applicable way.

She has trained Coaches and leaders in leading organizations globally including Warner Bros, PwC, Roffey Park, EY, Nottingham University Ningbo China, the Academy of Chief Executives and many more.

Great for your Coaching, and your Credibility
Neuroscience underpins many Coaching methods, tools, ideologies and strategies. It explains why some things work and how some things don’t. It challenges ideals and has the potential to hold us to a higher standard as Coaches. Neuroscience also lends a depth of credibility and certainty to Coaching which can be very useful in certain environments. This programme is about Coaches having everything at their disposal to best serve those they work with.

Neuroscience for Coaches - Bundle includes these courses

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